A Little Backstory

Dani(ela) was born and raised in the small, metro Atlantan town of Marietta, GA. As the eldest child of two makeup artists, it didn't take long for her to discover her creative side. What began with ketchup finger painting quickly developed into using the refrigerator magnets to make very intricate, extremely permanent, apparently parent-upsetting patterns in the pixels of the household TV screen. Thankfully, Dani eventually explored more traditional artistic mediums, and it became clear she would pursue the life of a Creative.

She began her career as a fine artist straight out of high school. A steady flow of baby and pet portraits helped Dani hone her skill set, and taking on mural and faux painting jobs taught her the value of hard work, but she longed for a broader audience. It was then that Dani decided to enroll in the design program at The Creative Circus in Atlanta. After two years of intense study (and very little sleep), she jumped into the world of freelance graphic design, and has been doing cool things ever since.

Interestingly, Dani enjoys the company of puppies a little too much, revels in preparing an exceptional grilled cheese, and gets a thrill out of weekend river rafting. Conversely, she's not that into pizza, can't sit through most horror films, and feels really weird writing about herself in the third person.

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